10 x AIMS Leaflets

10 x AIMS Leaflets

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AIMS Publicity leaflet. A4 tri-folded sheet. Ideal for handing out at classes, conferences etc.

These are available in batches of 10. If you order 1 you will be sent 10 leaflets, 2 - 20 leaflets, etc.


We really appreciate that you are supporting AIMS by handing out these leaflets, but please consider just ordering 10 leaflets at any one time which can be sent at the standard letter postage rate. The leaflets are free to you, but cost AIMS to print and post. If you are having a larger meeting or conference please do order more, but email admin@aims.org.uk and let us know where you are planning to distribute the leaflets, so that we can give our supplier approval to send out a larger order.

The leaflets are usually updated when they are reprinted so if you order regularly rather than ordering in quantity you will make sure you are giving out up to date information.  If you have any queries regarding the leaflets please email admin@aims.org.uk.  If you would like to donate a small amount to cover the cost we would be very pleased.