AIMS Guide to Giving Birth to Your Baby

AIMS Guide to Giving Birth to Your Baby

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Principal Author - Deborah Neiger

During your baby's birth journey, your body will flow and ebb through several different stages, all seamlessly shifting and varying from person to person. You body prepares, opens, your baby descends and is eventually born.  The AIMS Guide to Giving Birth to Your Baby focusses on the time that is commonly called the second stage of labour, which generally starts when the cervix is fully open and during which the baby descends through the pelvis and eventually is born.  .

Always keeping your body's physiology and the mechanics of birth in the spotlight, you will learn about the supportive role of key birth hormones, about how to use your body's powers (known as the 3'P's) and your instinct and emotions to help your baby negotiate his or her way into the world. You will understand what your body can do uninhibited, what support you need and when, and how to work with your midwife and doctor.

The AIMS Guide to Giving Birth to Your Baby explains how to use your body during labour and about positions to use for a smoother birth - including what is possible if you are having an assisted birth, an epidural and/or continuous fetal monitoring.

This book is a valuable resource for anyone who is soon to give birth, and to birth workers and anyone supporting parents through pregnancy and birth.

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