AIMS Guide to Resolution After Birth

AIMS Guide to Resolution After Birth

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Principal Author Shane Ridley

Births do not always go according to plan. Sometimes things happen that were not explained to us, we did not consent to or found difficult to come to terms with; so they may make us feel sad, angry, frustrated or traumatised.

The AIMS Guide to Resolution after Birth offers comprehensive and empathic information about how to reach a resolution after any distressing maternity experience. It guides you through your rights, it asks how you feel, it shows you who to contact, it gives a comprehensive list of specialist organisations, with chapters written by women devoted to helping people with birth trauma, or stillbirth and neonatal loss. The book points out the complexities of the maternity services culture and urges you to empower yourself. Importantly, it shows you how to navigate the formal complaints process.

The AIMS Guide to Resolution After Birth is a unique book packed full of information – it is essential reading for everyone who needs to find a path to recovery after birth. Anyone who is planning to get pregnant or is pregnant should read it also, to help avoid the pitfalls of the maternity services, hopefully preventing avoidable birth trauma.

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