AIMS Guide to Safety In Childbirth

AIMS Guide to Safety In Childbirth

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We all want to give birth as safely as possible, where our bodies are cared for and our babies arrive healthy. But where can we find the information to help us to make the choices which feel safe for us?

The AIMS Guide to Safety in Childbirth offers a fresh look at the subject of safety by focusing on helping you to investigate the issues entangled in birth research, evidence-based medicine, statistics, risks, harm and trauma. The book also pays tribute to Marjorie Tew who opened our eyes to maternity statistics in her book ‘Safer Childbirth? A Critical History of Maternity Care’ and the AIMS booklet ‘Safety in Childbirth’.

Using the data from ‘Birthplace’, research revealed that the place of birth affects the outcome of the birth. Homebirths, births in midwife-led units and hospitals were evaluated for both high- and low-risk women and their babies. This book gives a precise practical summary of the findings and suggests how to apply it to your decision-making.

This book is also an essential read and information source for those working in any part of our maternity services, for birth workers and anyone else supporting parents through pregnancy, birth and beyond as it gives pertinent reminders of the benefits and risks of evidence-based care.

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