AIMS Guide to Twin Pregnancy & Birth

AIMS Guide to Twin Pregnancy & Birth

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Principal Author:  Rebecca Freckleton 

Introducing the long-awaited AIMS book about twin pregnancy and birth!

The AIMS Guide to Twin Pregnancy and Birth is a comprehensive read for everything you want to know about twin pregnancy and birth, providing essential, evidence-based information alongside links to specialist resources, help and information. The book gives you the answer to why twins are identical, whether they share a placenta and amniotic sac and most importantly the options for birthing twins. 

The AIMS Guide to Twin Pregnancy & Birth explains how vital the expertise of the healthcare team of obstetricians, midwives and sonographers is, especially for the more complex pregnancies. It describes antenatal care options and the decisions to be made about tests and scanning. There are details about the fetal medicine units for twin pregnancies needing specialist care and plenty of postnatal information including infant feeding.

This book is also a handbook for those working in any part of our maternity services, for birth workers and anyone else supporting parents through pregnancy, birth and beyond.