AIMS Guide to Your Rights in Pregnancy & Birth

AIMS Guide to Your Rights in Pregnancy & Birth

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Principal Author Emma Ashworth

(This book has replace the AIMS Book 'Am I Allowed?')

How many times during pregnancy and birth do you hear the phrase 'am I allowed to…?'
How often do you think that you must be given 'permission' by the maternity services?

The AIMS Guide to Your Rights in Pregnancy & Birth changes that thinking – because you don't have to ask permission. You have the legal right to decide what happens to your body. And you have always been allowed. You might find you have to make a difficult decision, so you are likely to listen to the information given to you by family and birth workers, midwives and doctors but the decision is yours to make – nobody else's. Most of the time, it is the maternity services that need to ask your permission about the care that you would like for yourself and your baby, and this is done through a process of informed consent which is an on-going, up-to-the-minute dialogue.

This book offers a comprehensive examination of how to get what you want in your pregnancy and birth journey – it helps you to understand the issues and offers you the tools to help you to make your decisions. It is a vital resource for partners and for those working in any part of our maternity services and for all birth workers.

This book is also available as an e-book. Please see AIMS Kindle Books for further details of all the AIMS Kindle books

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